Hills of clay gradually take shape over countless years. The overlapping strata of the earth, its undulating features, and the vestiges of raindrops are all echoes of the ancient past. Having withstood the test of time, they continue to await their next role.


As we continue to lose our connection to the soil in our modern urban cities and living spaces, how much can it mean for us to revive our awareness of the earth? It requires us to develop a way of life in perfect harmony with the earth. In other words, we should appreciate the simplicity, power, and the occasional subtlety of nature, treat our environment with love and respect, and pay closer attention to the natural cycles of the earth. Oiya believes that one key approach to achieving this goal is to give form to the earth and build a vibrant and ethical living environment.


Oiya is a project to create novel building materials
by harnessing the tile production techniques
of Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture